Save a Life and Pay It Forward Initiative

Save a Life Program

Save a Life and Pay It Forward Initiative funds will go towards our ‘Save-a-Life Program.‘ Your funding will provide the Police Brutality Matters  team the funds necessary to implement our Save-a-Life Program which will allow us to continue traveling to K-12 schools, colleges and universities nationwide to teach our young people on how to stay alive. 

We will create and implement our Save-a-Life Program tour with workshops and seminars to educate the public on how to respond against an excessive aggressive officer, how to address and properly file complaints against bad officers, understanding the voting process and the importance of knowing your elected officials, the responsibilities of your elected officials and the importance of juror duty; educating individuals on how to become law enforcement officers; and many more pertinent information.  

Save a Life and Pay It Forward Initiative will help to achieve our goal of attending police academies nationwide to give proper training on cultural diversity through the education of psychology and sociology of policing in diverse communities. We will address the important issues of police brutality and the steps necessary to bridge the gap between communities and law enforcement.  

We will draft and implement a Bad Cop Bill which will hold bad cops accountable and protect good officers against retaliation. And finally, funds will aid in continually createMing and updating our educational materials and use of marketing tools necessary to spread awareness and educate citizens globally.

Pay It Forward Initiative is an appreciation to our supporters. And to give back to our social media community and local underprivileged schools, we will have random pay it forward monetary drawings of up to $500.

Pay It Forward Initiative Disclaimer: U.S.A residents only. You must be 18 years of age or older. You must include your email address and social media handler. The up-to $500 monetary gift card is dependent upon the monthly monetary amount of funding by our social media supporters. The underprivileged school must be in the supporter’s city or county of residence.

*Funds of any amount does not guarantee you will receive the Pay It Forward monetary gift card drawing of up-to $500. 

**Results are drawn randomly by our Random Draw System. 

***Drawing is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and/or any other social media platforms and/or apps.