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Joseph Ested

Joseph Ested is a social justice advocate, police enforcement analyst, former law enforcement officer and author of "Police Brutality Matters" which brings in-depth awareness to our criminal justice system. Joe has many years of preeminent expertise in law enforcement with positions held as a Corrections Officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, Police Officer, and Police Investigator. He was also elected the Vice President of the Police Union. He’s held a security clearance with the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security. Later in his career, Joe served in Afghanistan as a Police Advisor and Police Tactical Instructor for the Afghanistan Police Training Program. He’s been awarded numerous honors for his contributions to the law enforcement community.

His organization, Police Brutality Matters, goal is to identify bad cops and hold them accountable while supporting good law enforcement officers. His non-profit corporation, Police Brutality Matters 4 Change (PBM4CHANGE), goal is to bring in-depth awareness and education to individuals most affected by police brutality and police misconduct; with a mission to implement changes in communities affected by social and racial injustice. 

His work has appeared in publications including the New York Times, New York Post, Fox News, and Dallas Examiner. He’s appeared on Bold TV, The Face of America, and Court TV. You can listen to his podcast interviews on Race Talk Radio, Black Agenda Report, Story Corps, and Newell Normand Radio, to name a few. With his many years of experience in law enforcement and coming from a law enforcement family, Joe brings a unique perspective to the discussion of social and racial injustice within the criminal justice system. His credibility and expertise in the field of law enforcement makes him an excellent law enforcement analyst for police procedures and practices while identifying police misconduct. 

Joseph Ested

PBM Founder and CEO, Author, Social Justice Advocate and Police Enforcement Analyst